B2B Email Marketing Experts

EMAIL LEADS is an email marketing company that helps you generate new customers by providing leads for sales team to close. Since 1987 we have helped our business clients generate millions of qualified client leads.

We maintain a database of over 16MM business executives which allows us to customize a list specifically for your business. We use that data solely to help you generate Leads for your business through targeted email marketing campaigns.

How Pay-Per-Lead Email Marketing Works

EMAIL LEADS can help connect your business with targeted prospects. We will create a list of prospects for you and email them multiple times asking for an appointment. We then forward all interested responses to you immediately so that you can follow-up.

Our process is turn-key and works as follows:

  • We will create a targeted list of potential clients based on geography and title.
  • We will create a professional introductory letter to send to your list.
  • We will forward all prospect responses to you on a daily basis (via email or phone).
  • You pay only for responses.

This product is designed to produce a constant flow of leads for your sales people to follow up on.

Who We Work With

We work with both Local and National Clients. If you have a local customer base, we can create a target list of local prospects. If you have a national customer base, we can create a target list of national prospects based on demographic information.

We have worked with clients in the following Industries:

We Do All The Work

We do all the work to generate leads for your business. Our process works like this:

  • You tell us who you want to reach
  • We build a list and email your targets
  • We forward all positive email responses to your mailbox  

We have been doing this for 30 years and know what works and what does not. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to work with us.