Q: What does EMAIL LEADS do to generate leads?

A: We do the following to generate leads for clients:

  1. We generate a list of prospects for your business based on your criteria.
  2. We work with you to write email text describing your business and asking for an appointment.
  3. We email your email text to your prospect list consistently over a period of time (typically once a week).
  4. All responses come to us and we forward the responses where prospects show an intent to speak with you to you.
  5. It is up to you to follow-up and schedule a time to talk with you Lead.
Q: What criteria can I use to develop a prospect list?

A: Generally, clients provide us with the following parameters for their prospect list:

  1. Geography (by City Name, County Name, Zip Codes or Area Codes);
  2. Size of company (base on Revenues or Number of Employees); and
  3. Industries (By SIC Code)
Q: Where does your Data come from?

A: EMAIL LEADS has been in the data business for over 30 years. We have our own list of 16mm CEO contacts. However, we will always supplement our data with data from other major providers to make sure you reach every possible prospect. All Revenue and # Number of Employee Data is appended from Tier One data suppliers (D&B or InfoUSA).

Q: What Type of Responses Count as Leads?

A: A lead is defined as a response that shows an intent to speak with you about using your business within the next 3 months. The following responses would count as Leads:

  1. “When can you chat?”
  2. “I can do Thursday at 2 if that works”
  3. “I should be around on Wednesday; traveling on Monday and Tuesday.”
  4. “I am traveling on Monday and I am tied up on Tuesday but Wednesday afternoon is wide open.
  5. “I would be open to sitting with you for a meeting and hearing more about your company.”
  6. “Let's touch base upon my return as we have a heavy schedule during May & June”
  7. “I’m sorry. We are extremely busy at the moment. Please try back in about 30 days.”
  8. “I would love to talk to you but right now is a very hectic time for me – lets schedule for May”
  9. “Your email has been received at a good time. I’d like to learn more about………”
Q: What If I never am able to reach a Lead?

A: Once we forward a Lead to you, it is your responsibility to follow-up and schedule a time to speak. There will be some Leads that you receive that you will not end up being able to schedule a time to speak with. In general, this number is pretty low (less than 10%) and is factored into the cost of a lead.

Q: How many of my Leads should I be able to close?

A: In general, our clients close about 1 out of every 7 to 10 leads depending on industry.

Q: Is buying EMAIL LEADS a good investment for my business?

A: In general, clients should be looking for a 3 to 1 ratio of Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) to the Cost of acquiring that Customer (CAC). CAC is usually made up of marketing costs + sales costs. EMAIL LEADS would be a part of marketing costs associated in the CAC. In general, EMAIL LEADS work well for businesses where the LTV is above $5,000.

Q: Why Should I buy EMAIL LEADS instead of an Email List?

A: We have been selling email lists for 20+ years. What we have found is that most people are not able to get an ROI out of buying a list because of the challenges of getting emails delivered into the mailboxes of prospects and the time and expertise it takes to know what to send and how often to send it. We began offering EMAIL LEADS in 2011 to offer a pay per performance solution for our clients.